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TUAC Briefings Series on Implementing the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

09 December 2021

In support of efforts to improve implementation of the OECD standards for responsible business conduct, the TUAC launched a  series of briefings that addresses what can be done to improve the OECD Guidelines and build more respect for the NCP’s authority.  With financial support from  Friedrich Ebert Stiftung,  the Briefings apply the trade union perspective about their experiences with the Guidelines.  In 2022, the OECD will consider potential changes to the Guidelines so they remain the global standards for building inclusive workplaces and supply chains.

Briefing #1  – Implementing the Guidelines for Constructive Industrial Relations (EN  | FR | ESP) provides a model framework being used by responsible businesses and trade unions to demonstrate respect for the Guidelines standards and for the NCP.

Briefing #2 | Implementing the Guidelines for Maintaining NCP – Trade Union relations (ENFR  | ESP) exposes the underlying challenges faced by workers when they try to gain a seat at the table to resolve employment and industrial relations issues.

Briefing #3 | Implementing the Guidelines to achieve Global Recovery (EN | FR | ESP) examines the level of labour market resilience to global climate, health and economic crises.

Briefing #4 | Implementing the Guidelines to incentivise quality infrastructure investment (EN | FR | ESP) takes stock of workers and trade union experiences with international infrastructure projects.  Projects without constructive industrial relations frameworks in place before contracting require close scrutiny to deter disruptive tendencies that would strain project delivery and core objectives. Briefing #4 is co-produced by the global union for infrastructure project workers, Building and Woodworkers International (BWI).

Briefing #5 | Employment & Industrial Relations updates to the OECD Guidelines (EN | FR | ESP), expresses  support for OECD proposed updates to the Employment and Industrial Relations chapter as the first step towards a framework for more constructive industrial relations, but substantial updates to the National Contact Point implementation procedures are still needed.

Briefing #6 | Implementing OECD Standards for a Responsible Global Economy (EN | FR | ESP) Concludes the TUAC series of briefings, advocating for final updates to the OECD Guidelines on employment and industrial relations and the procedures for National Contact Points.