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OECD Ministerial & Membership

Pierre Habbard Pierre Habbard on Twitter

General Secretary

Overall responsibility for the TUAC Secretariat and relations with affiliates, the OECD, ETUC, Global Unions / G20/G7

Languages: English, French

OECD Ministerial & Membership

Anna Byhovskaya Anna Byhovskaya on Twitter

Senior Policy Advisor

Future of Work, Innovation, Technology and Digital Economy, Skills Policy, G20/ G7 processes, OECD MCM and Forum coordination;  TUAC Communication

Coordination of the TUAC WG on Education & Skills

Languages: English, Russian, German, French


Blake Harwell

Senior Policy Advisor

OECD Responsible Business Conduct policy agenda, including the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct

Languages: English

Rasmus Raabjerg Nielsen Rasmus Raabjerg Nielsen on Twitter

Senior Policy Advisor

Chemicals, Climate Change and Environment, Consumer Policy, Development cooperation, Finance & Private Pensions, Health, Housing, Migration, Public Governance and Integrity, TUAC Communication.

Languages: English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish


Séverine Picard Séverine Picard on Twitter

Senior Policy Advisor

Corporate governance, trade, investment, competition, tax, regulatory policy and finance

Languages: English, French

Andrew Lally

Administrative coordinator