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TUAC Statement to the OECD 2019 Ministerial Council Meeting

21 May 2019

The OECD is holding its 2019 Ministerial Council Meeting on 22-23 May 2019, focussing on how to harness digital transition for sustainable development, including bringing forward it’s Going Digital initiative. On 20 May, the TUAC Plenary adopted a statement for the Ministerial “Going digital? Go inclusive!”.

The TUAC Plenary called upon the OECD lay out an ambitious policy roadmap for a just transition to the digitalisation of our economies, including social protection, quality jobs and training, same rights for all forms of work, and a human-centric approach to the digital transformation.

The TUAC Plenary further stressed that the policy discussions on digital transformation must be framed in the broader context of growth models that ten years after the crisis have failed to halt the rise in inequalities and of rising risks to international co-operation and to our democratic institutions.


Read the full TUAC MCM Statement here.