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TUAC elects new chairs of Economic Policy & Multinational Enterprises Working Groups

19 December 2023

TUAC is proud to announce the election of two new chairs and one new vice chair of TUAC Working Groups.

The newly elected chairs and vice-chair are

  • Geoff Tily, TUC (UK), Chair of the Economic Policy Working Group
  • Bianca Cuciniello, UIL (Italy), Chair of the Multinational Enterprises Working Group
  • Candace Archer, AFL-CIO (USA), Vice-Chair of the Economic Policy Working Group

“The new Chairs and Vice Chair will bring considerable experience and knowledge to the TUAC and to the OECD” said Veronica Nilsson, General Secretary of TUAC. “I am excited about their appointment and confident of their impact.”

“They arrive at a time when the democracy, shared prosperity and multinational cooperation that the OECD stands for is under threat, and when the OECD needs more than ever to listen to the trade union movement as an ally with many core values in common.’’

Geoff Tily is Senior Economist at the British Trades Union Congress since 2014. This follows 25 years as a member of the UK government’s economic and statistical services. Geoff has a Ph.D in Economics and is the author of ‘Keynes Betrayed’ and many academic papers and reviews.

“The world is teetering on the brink of a recession caused by mistaken increases in interest rates, and a new round of austerity,” said Geoff Tily

“As Chair of TUAC’s Economic Policy Working Group I will do all I can to support TUAC to persuade the OECD and governments to rethink their economic policies and to back urgently needed investment in climate action, green and digital growth, and better healthcare, education and training and social protection.’’

Geoff Tily, new Chair of TUAC's Economic Policy Working Group

Bianca Cuciniello, Doctor in Political Science is a trade union leader in the Italian financial sector, and a policy adviser at UIL trade union confederation. Bianca has been engaged in trade union work since 2005, was Secretary of Groupama European Works Council from 2009 to 2015 and worked in software companies 1987 to 2005.

“Multinational enterprises must ensure fair pay and decent working conditions throughout their supply chain,” said Bianca Cuciniello.

“As Chair of TUAC’s Multinational Enterprises Working Group I will encourage all unions to use OECD responsible business conduct guidelines to achieve a better life for all working people in every continent.”

Bianca Cuciniello, new Chair of TUAC's Multinational Enterprises Working Group

Candace Archer is Policy director of the AFL-CIO since 2022. She previously worked for Americans for Financial Reform, the American Federation of Government Employees and National Labor College.  Candace has a Ph.D in Political Economy, and was an associate professor for more than 15 years.

“All working people deserve good jobs and the power to determine their wages and working conditions,” said Candace Archer “and this requires fixing a globalized economy model that creates winners and losers.”

“TUAC has an important role to play in bringing national unions’ fight for the rights of working people to international policymakers.”

Candace Archer, new Vice Chair of TUAC's Economic Policy Working Group