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Trade Union Statement: OECD Countries must increase ODA and effective responses to save lives and livelihoods

06 May 2020

The severity of the global crisis prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic calls for a strong and urgent response by the OECD. The TUAC and the ITUC Trade Union Development Cooperation Network welcome the Joint Statement of 9 April 2020 on the COVID-19 pandemic by the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC). We believe, however, that the DAC and its members should raise further the ambition to respond to the scale and urgency of the situation. In light of the development challenges that lie ahead, we regret to see that the DAC will only “strive to protect ODA budgets” at a time when ODA funds are more necessary than ever. We therefore insist on, and reiterate, past calls for ODA budgets to reach the 0.7% target and beyond.

We further believe that the DAC should take on the following:

  • Support the implementation of universal social protection systems including free access to healthcare in developing countries – Global Fund for Social Protection.
  • Ensure the protection of jobs and the real economy.
  • Provide debt relief and investments for the SDGs.
  • Work with social partners in the design and implementation of response programmes.

Read the full TUAC/ITUC Trade Union Development Cooperation Network statement here.