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Trade Union Forum on Digitalisation and the Future of Work

02 February 2017

The Trade Union Forum on Digitalisation follows a first meeting held in June 2016 in Mexico. Please consult the meeting agenda on the right hand side.

The OECD (, the ILO and the EU, the G20 and G7, the World Economic Forum and the World Bank have all set up policy discussions on the digital economy, digitalisation or the next production revolution. The business and technical communities, and civil society are actively involved in such debates. Trade union participation so far has primarily focussed on the employment aspects of technological change, which are and remain priorities. The labour movement needs to build up capacities and develop a shared understanding of the impact of wider changes of digitalisation, and as a result the digital economy, which do have significant implications for the world of work and future economic development.

The main themes to be discussed include:

  • Anticipating and shaping the impact of digitalisation on jobs and employability: how to create a link between expected increases in productivity and social gains?
  • The “other” Just Transition that is needed: designing the right policy frameworks in supporting workers facing the new wave of technological change.
  • Governance frameworks that effectively regulate changing business models and help reduce risks and inequalities.
  • Platform economy = informal economy? Towards more specific solutions that the labour movement can propose for workers on digital platforms.

The Forum will start on the 15 February with closed sessions between trade union representatives carrying over to the Open Forum that will discuss the key policy issues at stake with OECD representatives and invited guests from business and technical organisations, civil society and other experts.