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“No Progress on Trade Union Rights and Safety in Colombia? No OECD Accession” say Colombian Trade Unionists

22 February 2018

Colombian trade unions call for a halt to Colombia’s OECD Accession process in view of the failure to make progress on trade union rights and safety and the Colombian Government’s lack of political will.

At a TUAC briefing meeting held at the OECD on 21 February, and  attended by participants from eighteen OECD country delegations, trade unionists from the Confederación de Trabajores de Colombia (CTC) and the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (CUT) described the reality on-the-ground for Colombian workers and trade unionists with regard to anti-union violence, informality and sub-contracting, labour law enforcement and collective bargaining. They highlighted in particular: continuing violence against trade unions and social activists; refusal and withdrawal of protection; persistently high rates of impunity for crimes against trade unionists; the lack of progress on tackling informality and abusive sub-contracting; the need to strengthen inspection; and violations of the right to collective bargaining and the right to strike. The trade unionists called on OECD member governments to keep their leverage by ensuring Colombia makes progress before inviting it to join the OECD.