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L7 calls on G7 to champion a pro-worker agenda

06 February 2024

The Labour 7, the official engagement group representing trade unions to the G7, has issued a statement calling on Leaders to stand by their words and put workers at the forefront of their actions for 2024.


At the Leaders Summit held in Hiroshima, Japan, last year, the G7 acknowledged that “freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining play an important role in promoting decent work and wage growth”. With the cost of living crisis continuing to hurt, climate change continuing apace and efforts towards a just transition urgently needing to be ramped up, trade unions believe the G7 must be bold and take the measures that are necessary to ensure that workers’ rights are protected.

Poverty and inequality are growing. Social cohesion and the foundations of democracies are in distress. The G7 has a duty to uphold workers’ rights, including freedom of association, and to champion a truly pro-workers agenda. As living standards continue to fall, ensuring real wage growth through collective bargaining and strengthening social security systems are a political, economic and social necessity.

— Veronica Nilsson, TUAC General Secretary

2023 has been officially declared as the hottest year on record. Urgent and resolute action is needed to accelerate the fight against climate change while making sure the process does not exacerbate inequalities, both between and within different countries. In its statement, the L7 urges G7 members to champion a truly just transition, that upholds workers’ rights and drives  mitigation and adaptation policies forward.

The G7 must assume its duty of care and accelerate climate action, while leaving no-one behind. A just transition is needed to create decent climate-friendly jobs in carbon neutral economies and protect the rights and livelihoods of all workers and their communities. The G7 must clearly commit to social dialogue as a fundamental tool to achieve this goal.

— Luc Triangle, ITUC General Secretary

The Labour 7 will pursue its advocacy work at the G7 this year, and publish a dedicated statement focusing on labour and employment policies. The L7 Summit will be held on 10-11 September 2024 in Cagliari, Sardinia, on the eve of the G7 Labour and Employment Ministerial Meeting, which will take place on 12-13 September in the same city.