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Labour 7 urges G7 Leaders to uphold workers’ rights and commit to social justice

25 January 2023

Since the economic and financial turmoil of 2007-2009, the world economy has lurched from crisis to crisis. As countries continue to grapple with the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the surge in food, commodity and energy prices following the invasion of Ukraine has led to a cost-of-living crisis which is exacerbating already skyrocketing inequalities.

In this context of high economic and political uncertainty, G7 Leaders have a historic responsibility to protect social cohesion and uphold workers’ rights.

Austerity measures implemented after the last global financial crisis have dramatically impacted workers and undermined our resilience. G7 Leaders must avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. The G7 should support the economy and the just transition by investing in key sectors to create decent jobs with fair wages and better working conditions for all workers.

— Veronica Nilsson, TUAC Acting General Secretary

In their statement to the G7 Leaders, trade unions and workers of the Labour 7 call on G7 Leaders to take bold action to address the challenges facing our planet and tackle inequalities, both between and within countries. G7 Leaders must transcend words and act. It is urgent to prioritise sustainable development and a Just Transition to a zero-carbon economy centred on the needs and rights of workers and communities.

In the face of the cost-of-living crisis, higher wages determined through collective bargaining are an economic and social necessity. The Labour 7 calls on G7 members to take concrete action at global and domestic levels to protect, promote and respect fundamental principles and rights at work, including the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining, as an essential pillar of democracy and a strong driver of social cohesion.

The food and energy price spiral fuelled by corporate greed and windfall profits has created a cost-of-living crisis for workers. G7 Leaders must protect workers from the rising costs of vital goods and services. We demand a New Social Contract with investment in just transition and the care economy, with a reinvigorated democracy based on equality and human rights.

— Owen Tudor, ITUC Deputy Secretary General