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L7 calls for Just transition principles at G7 summit of the environment and climate change

07 May 2019

On 5 and 6 May 2019, G7 Environment Ministers met in the French city of Metz to discuss combating inequalities through the protection of biodiversity and climate. The TUAC and the ITUC participated in consultations as the Labour 7 alongside other engagement groups, including B7 and C7.

Just Transition measures are a crucial condition to implement the ambitious climate policies we urgently need. Without the correct social conditions there will never be enough support in society for the structural reform of our economies needed to protect the climate.

There is an urgent need for climate action, but climate action with just transition principles, taking into account the impact on workers, their families and communities. L7 therefore urged governments to ensure an implementation of the Silesia Declaration and the just transition principles in their efforts to combat climate change.


Read the full L7 statement here.