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TUAC joins call to Tunisia to end persecution of trade unions

02 March 2023

TUAC calls on the Government of Tunisia, in a joint action with the Global Council of Unions, to

  • end immediately its persecution of trade union leaders and members
  • respect trade union rights and the international conventions ratified by the Tunisian State as well as the provisions of the Tunisian Constitution on trade union rights
  • release immediately Anis Al-Kaabi, General Secretary of Tunisia’s Highway Workers Union.

TUAC, as part of the Global Council of Unions, also expresses its support and solidarity with the Tunisian trade union UGTT and its affiliates over the arrest of Anis Al-Kaabi, and several other UGTT leaders and members who have been questioned and summoned, and condemns the recent deportation of Esther Lynch, General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation from Tunisia.

The statement by the Global Council of Unions underlines UGTT concerns about ‘the shrinking democratic space’ in Tunisia.

The statement comes just ahead of a demonstration by the UGTT on 4 March to protest the intensification of the attacks against trade unions and democracy.

The statement and a letter to UGTT was signed by the Veronica Nilsson, Acting General Secretary of TUAC, and the General Secretaries of ITUC and the global sectoral unions BWI, EI, IAEE, IndustriAll, IFJ, ITF, IUF, PSI and UNI.